Just Dance, Already!

You’re back for more! Who could blame you? This is, after all, the only known Lady Gaga podcast on the internet and we are her BEST FANS.

Now that you’ve learned where Stefani Germanotta comes from–you’ll appreciate her evolution into the greatest Pop Tricon of all time.  This is the first official episode that dives into her debut album.

Our special guest, Mijon Zulu sets the bar high with his breakdown of the musical artwork that is the song: Just Dance. Mijon goes bar by bar to give us a glimpse into the history and influences behind Lady Gaga’s chart topping banger.

This episode was recorded in February, so we also touch on the tragic events surrounding Ryan Fishcher and Lady Gaga’s dogs Koji and Gustav. They’re okay now! So there’s no need to fret.

If you’d like to donate to Ryan Fischer’s GoFundMe please do: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-ryan-fischer-gagas-dog-walker?utm_campaign=p_cp_url&utm_medium=os&utm_source=customer

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