Let’s Play a Game…A LoveGame

We hope you’ve been binging the only known Lady Gaga podcast made by her BEST FANS. If you haven’t sent this show to a Little Monster yet…what are you waiting for? We need to get these numbers up so Lady Gaga gives us the official stamp. Spread the word! 

We’re getting to the juicy stuff when it comes to The Fame Era. Can you believe this album starts with single after single? Of course you can–BECAUSE YOU KNOW she’s a Tricon.

This week, we welcome the very talented Nathan Pearson to the show. He shares with us a touching story from The ArtPop Rave, and makes so many wig changes it sounds like we’re ignoring him completely. Trust us, we’re not. If you want to see all of Nathan’s costume changes you’re going to have to subscribe to our Twitch Channel, just sayin.

This episode was recorded early March, 2021 the year of our Gaga. We talk about a lot of stuff going on in the world of Lady Gaga, because it is a great time to be a Little Monster. There’s so much going on in the Haus of Gaga–it’s hard to keep up! We will though, for Gaga.

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