Not A Girl Gaga… Not Yet a Lady Gaga

Finally! A Lady Gaga podcast worthy of Mother Monster herself–We are Jo Anna Van Thuyne and Kali Tripodis, Lady Gaga’s BEST FANS, and we’re here to bring you a podcast about Lady Gaga FOR GAGA…but any Little Monster can listen…we guess.

This week, we give you an appetizer to the main course–The Fame! Kali researched extensively for this episode, and it’s a strong start to a stellar podcast. We explore pre-fame Gaga and all it’s trials and tribulations. Hence the title; Not a Girl Gaga…Not Yet a Lady Gaga. We go over her days as a brunette, her appearance on The Sopranos (yes, really) and proof that she’s alway been patient thanks to MTV’s Boiling points.

So crack open those Chromatica Oreos and start the Chromaticast! 

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SOPRANOS CAMEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MTV’s Boiling Points 

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